I am Lu Meili, a Project and Content Manager for Artistic, Cultural, and Creative Industries — founder and publisher at Equador. I relocated to Zürich from São Paulo. I created these online pages to illustrate selected (and favorite) works I've done.

A architecture

Built architecture / Unbuilt architecture
A house I designed and built for myself, and an unbuilt wood frame house addition.

C content

Content research

A list of content research at public and private records, libraries, archives, collections, and stock photo providers.

#contentmanagement  #contentreserach #copyright

E exhibitions


A list of exhibitions, traveling exhibitions, environmental graphics, and photography street projections projects I oversaw.
#projectmanagement  #contentmanagement #contentediting #logistics #productionassistance  

F festivals

Literary festival / Film festivals

A literary festival I collaborated on for three editions and two other film festivals.

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