Literary festival event coordinator

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2016 to 2019 São Paulo and Paraty
Event coordinator

For three consecutive editions, I was the head event coordinator at Flip - Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty, one of the world's most significant international literary festivals. Since 2003 it has been held annually at the Unesco Heritage List Historic Centre of Paraty, Brazil. During its five days of events, the festival welcomes 25.000 visitors from all over the world to attend lectures, experience debates, book launches, music concerts, and many simultaneous activities in multiple existing locations, especially outdoors on the streets and squares of this seaside cobblestoned colonial city. The British editor and publisher, Liz Calder, conceived the festival after the example of The Hay-on-Wye literary festival in Wales.

Architecture is this festival's fundamental and unique quality for understanding, interpreting, and creating in Paraty's material and cultural territory. A bilateral team produces the festival from São Paulo and Paraty (270 km apart) in a year-round remote collaboration.

With time Flip has evolved and structured itself with many different spatial configurations; lately, the central installations are two auditoriums for the leading literary events, one bookshop, and an open-air library for children. In this portfolio, I chose to display all three festivals I collaborated on (2017, 2018, and 2019). The photo credits are mine or from the festival's official photographer Mr. Walter Craveiro and his team.

The historic center of Paraty: Flip's territory

Paraty's historic neighborhood activities during the 2018 festival. The official venues are in orange, and all coexisting activities are in blue
An illustration of Flip 2017 spatial configuration: the bookshop, the main auditorium in the Matriz church, the open-air seats, and the children's library.
Above, the open-air seats

The main auditorium in the Matriz church
Flip 2017

Mata da Corda lecture video with authors Grada Kilomba and Kalaf Epalanga, and Lilia Schwarcz as mediator
Lima Barreto: triste visionário, opening night performance with Lázaro Ramos

Side by side, the open-air seats and main auditorium
Flip 2019

Building the main auditorium

Open-air seats

The open-air seats are always free of charge. Its stage hosts talks, theater, and musical events. Its audience enjoys all main auditorium literary lectures broadcast in real-time with simultaneous interpretation
A pele que habito lecture with Joana Gorjão Henriques and Lázaro Ramos and a festival patron testimony, Mrs. Guimarães

The bookstore

The children's library


Throughout the city, the signage is carefully designed and placed

In Paraty, the festival is everywhere 

The streets of Paraty
A selection of making of images

Accomplished as event coordinator at Flip

> Coordinated event's main schedule (Gantt); established significant deadlines in synch with general management and overall planning goals

> Managed event's budget, delivered reports on expenses (before, during, and after the festival); composed, kept, and reconciled financial reports; conducted bids (RFP)

Flip's team, 2017

Paraty's tides

Paraty's historic center streets were built to be washed by the sea tides.